Saturday, May 14, 2011

tops and temptation

 The tops and sweaters and the capris have arrived from Macy's and its definitely interesting to see how different a '3x' size can be from another 3x top. The top shirt, black and white but mostly white fits now and is almost roomy. The one that is black with white circles is supposed to have a 'bubble' hem and be a little roomy but it's not roomy on me...yet. The blue mixed pattern top to the right is very very pretty but I got that one in a size 22 and that, too, is too small. All three tops are the brand Alfani, which I really like but is usually out of my price range. All were under 30 a piece and they are definitely shirts I can wear to work or on a Saturday night. Oh, just in case you were wondering about the sleeveless theme, I have an extensive collection of shrugs, cardigans, wraps, and sweaters that will indeed be worn with these.
So in fun/motivating news, the size 22 capris and bermuda shorts I ordered both fit easily and will be too big soon! that, by the way, is a testament to my Apple-shaped body- gorgeous 3x tops are snug but straight-leg size 22 capri pants are loose; classic.  I usually meticulously remove my jeans/pants from the dryer and hang them up since I'm so afraid the cotton will shrink and not fit but these two purchases will be hitting the dryer. sweet.

Anyway, I need to stop with the online shopping.

In Shake World, things are still going strong- on Thursday at work our boss announced free lunch from California Pizza Kitchen and I politely said no thanks. Everyone ordered not only pizzas but random appetizers like eggrolls and quesadillas.  Drinking the cappucino Somers shake was a little tough during that hour, but I kept telling myself that I was going to have a great dinner and that I was only temporarily depriving myself. So today is day 20 of 3 protein shakes plus dinner each night and I'm not interested in changing tactics. This week I've only worked out twice so I plan to get to the gym today and tomorrow.

yesterday i did the 'last chance workout' that was available for free on exerciseTV and it was a classic Jillian Michaels routine- basically intervals of high intensity cardio followed by 60 seconds of compound movement strength. i used 5 lb weights. the whole thing was under 30 minutes but i was soaked in sweat. if you have directv, it's in the on demand section and i recommend it,

Weigh-in Monday. Let's keep up the momentum over the weekend, blogosphere!

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