Sunday, May 15, 2011

write or eat?

last night my husband and i went to a concert and i had more wine and beers than i planned to have. i worked out and had 2 shakes during the day- usually i do three but because i knew i'd be spending some cals on alcohol i decided that 2 was sufficient. pre-concert we had a little picnic of subway subs, wheat thins, and laughing cow cheese. we also polished off 2 bottles of red wine. during the concert we each ordered a round of beers. i was definitely buzzed on the drive home and that's probably why i didn't talk my husband out of stopping at a grocery store. we came home with a california pizza kitchen thin crust pie and bottle of bailey's. i know, what? i have to say that my typical MO would have been to hit the candy aisle, and definitely the ice cream aisle before exiting a grocery store at 11:30pm on a saturday night.  anyway my husband made the pizza and i slugged down a few bailey's on ice. i wanted to completely abstain from any 'extra' food at that hour but i did have one quarter of the pizza, which was about 240 calories. the bailey's was probably 600 and i am paying for some of that with a killer headache this morning.

so there's my story about last night; i wanted to get it out but i'm okay with it. i think for a drunkish post-concert episode, it could have been a whole lot worse. what i'm not okay with is how bad i want to eat heartily RIGHT NOW (i got up, took ibuprofen, made coffee, and had a vanilla protein shake).

i am writing instead of eating because i refuse to let myself ruin a great week.

i am writing instead of eating because i plan to see another 3-4 pounds off on monday

i am writing instead of eating because i have a good thing going.

i am writing instead of eating because i want to tell my trainer how much i lost this week when i see him next.

i am writing instead of eating because dinner is in 6 hours, i have two more shakes to drink before then, and i'm a grownup with self-control.

i am writing instead of eating because i know a few people out there know exactly what i'm going through.

thanks for reading.

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