Monday, May 2, 2011

week 1 results and pre-emptive jeans

so the official updated weight: 349 for 7 lbs gone. please, hold your applause. har. i was actually a hair under 349 but i have decided to round up or down, biggest loser style. i am motivated to keep up this regimen of protein shakes during the day- its easy and even though technically i am 'depriving' myself of actual food during the work day it's so novel and low-maintenance that i'm really enjoying this approach. since my inaugural follower, maggie, asked i will let anyone who might be wondering know that i have indeed tried most of the basic diets/food plans out there- including weight watchers, atkins, southbeach, deal a meal (aw that ages me, doesn't it?) and i've definitely done calorie counting- i use myfitnesspal to track my shakes and dinner so i know what's actual happening with the calories. during the week the shakes during the day is great but the weekend was definitely tough...but except for a few glasses of white wine i am very very proud to report that i stuck to the plan.

to make my liquid 'meals' more interesting i ordered some stuff online last week and today at work my sharper image personal blender arrived along with some suzanne somers protein shake mix, and i tried my hand at my first 'homemade' shake. the flavor was orange creme and it was pretty good, made with just the powder, water, ice, and two 10-calorie half and half containers.  tomorrow there is a cappuccino flavor to try and then of course the usual rotation of banana-flavored muscle milk shakes and the oh yeah! brand strawberry and chocolate.

so the other thing i did yesterday was visit lanebryant to finally get some bras...i am not (yet) in the market for smaller bra sizes but i definitely needed new ones. while there i checked out  the clearance rack and boldly picked a pair of size 18 seven brand jeans that with an extra discount came to under 30 bucks. they're dark denim and have a slight bootcut and the back pockets just look like cool-kid, STYLISH jeans. looking at them made me realize how long it's been since i've really rocked an outfit with confidence. right now i am a solid size 24 (on a good day) so i have a waaaayyys to go before getting into those pants but i bought them knowing that i'd put them on on 2011. for the past year or so i've felt very complacent and resigned with being a very, very heavy person butgetting to an all time high of 356 really woke me up, and i no longer feel okay with letting more of my life slip by.

here's to an amazing week #2....

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  1. Jeans are like the universal female motivation for losing weight. Well, that and health, but boy it's hard to beat kool-kid jeans.